Probate & Trust

Losing a loved one is one of life’s great challenges. Often, one barely has time to come to terms with a loss before being overwhelmed by the pressures of taking care of an estate. Questions you may ask yourself are:

  • How will the bills get paid?

  • Who gets an inheritance?

  • What do I do about family disagreements?

    • Where did my father hide his will?

At the Law Firm of Sharma Moriarty, she aims to guide clients through the probate process and remove its pressures. Her office will assist from beginning to end, from filing the application to appointing the executor/administrator, securing the property, disbursing estate proceeds to heirs, negotiating family settlement agreements, and producing the final accounts to the court.

Sharma Moriarty has been practicing law in probate and estate administration since 2013. She is here to guide your family through the probate process. Sharma can help you determine whether probate is necessary, and if so, in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective probate procedure.

If you are in need of wise and compassionate counsel, she encourages you to give her a call. She probates estates in Lubbock County and all surrounding counties (including Hale, Crosby, Floyd, Garza, Lynn, Hockley, Lamb, and many others) in Texas.

Call Sharma today at (806) 368-7957 to schedule a free consultation to discuss if probate is necessary in your family’s situation.